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Hα Spectral Diversity of Type II Supernovae: Correlations with Photometric Properties

Universidad de Chile. Repositorio Académico

Título Hα Spectral Diversity of Type II Supernovae: Correlations with Photometric Properties
Autor Gonzalez-Gaitán, Santiago
Anderson, Joseph P.
Gutiérrez, Claudia P.
Hamuy Wackenhut, Mario Andrés
Tema supernovae: general
Descripción Artículo de publicación ISI.
We present a spectroscopic analysis of the Hα profiles of hydrogen-rich Type II supernovae. A total of 52
Type II supernovae having well-sampled optical light curves and spectral sequences were analyzed. Concentrating
on the Hα P-Cygni profile we measure its velocity from the FWHM of the emission and the ratio of absorption
to emission (a/e) at a common epoch at the start of the recombination phase, and search for correlations between
these spectral parameters and photometric properties of the V-band light curves. Testing the strength of various
correlations we find that a/e appears to be the dominant spectral parameter in terms of describing the diversity
in our measured supernova properties. It is found that supernovae with smaller a/e have higher Hα velocities,
more rapidly declining light curves from maximum during the plateau and radioactive tail phase, are brighter at
maximum light, and have shorter optically thick phase durations. We discuss possible explanations of these results
in terms of physical properties of Type II supernovae, speculating that the most likely parameters that influence the
morphologies of Hα profiles are the mass and density profile of the hydrogen envelope, together with additional
emission components due to circumstellar interaction.
Fecha 2014-10-14T19:36:48Z
Tipo Artículo de revista
Enlace The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 786:L15 (8pp), 2014 May 10
Idioma en_US
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Publicador The American Astronomical Society