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Spatially resolved HCN J = 4-3 and CS J = 7-6 emission from the disk around HD 142527

Universidad de Chile. Repositorio Académico

Título Spatially resolved HCN J = 4-3 and CS J = 7-6 emission from the disk around HD 142527
Autor Christiaens, Valentin
Ménard, François
Thi, W. F.
Pinte, C.
van der Plas, Gerrit
Pérez, Sebastián
Casassus Montero, Simon Pablo
Tema circumstellar matter
Descripción Artículo de publicación ISI.
The disk around HD 142527 attracts a great amount of attention compared to others because of its resolved
(sub-)millimeter dust continuum that is concentrated into the shape of a horseshoe toward the north of the star. In
this Letter we present spatially resolved ALMA detections of the HCN J = 4–3 and CS J = 7–6 emission lines.
These lines give us a deeper view into the disk compared to the (optically thicker) CO isotopes. This is the first
detection of CS J = 7–6 coming from a protoplanetary disk. Both emission lines are azimuthally asymmetric and
are suppressed under the horseshoe-shaped continuum emission peak. A possible mechanism for explaining the
decrease under the horseshoe-shaped continuum is the increased opacity coming from the higher dust concentration
at the continuum peak. Lower dust and/or gas temperatures and an optically thick radio-continuum reduce line
emission by freezing out and shielding emission from the far side of the disk.
Fecha 2014-09-26T13:58:04Z
Tipo Artículo de revista
Enlace The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 792:L25 (5pp), 2014 September 10
Idioma en_US
Publicador The American Astronomical Society