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WISEP J061135.13–041024.0 AB: A J-band Flux Reversal Binary at the L/T Transition

Universidad de Chile. Repositorio Académico

Título WISEP J061135.13–041024.0 AB: A J-band Flux Reversal Binary at the L/T Transition
Autor Cushing, Michael C.
Mace, Gregory N.
Gelino, Cristopher E.
Marocco, Federico
Kirkpatrick, J. Davy
Tinney, C. G.
Jones, Hugh R. A.
Smart, R.L.
Méndez Bussard, René Alejandro
Tema binaries: general
Descripción Artículo de publicación ISI.
We present Keck II laser guide star adaptive optics observations of the brown dwarf WISEP J061135.13−041024.0
showing it is a binary with a component separation of 0.
4. This system is one of the six known resolved binaries
in which the magnitude differences between the components show a reversal in sign between the Y/J band and
the H/K bands. Deconvolution of the composite spectrum results in a best-fit binary solution with L9 and T1.5
components. We also present a preliminary parallax placing the system at a distance of 21.2 ± 1.3 pc. Using the
distance and resolved magnitudes we are able to place WISEP J061135.13−041024.0 AB on a color–absolute
magnitude diagram, showing that this system contributes to the well-known “J-band bump” and the components’
properties appear similar to other late-type L and early-type T dwarfs. Fitting our data to a set of cloudy atmosphere
models suggests the system has an age >1 Gyr with WISE 0611−0410 A having an effective temperature (Teff)
of 1275–1325 K and mass of 64–65 MJup, and WISE 0611−0410 B having Teff = 1075–1115 K and mass
40–65 MJup.
Fecha 2014-08-08T16:01:34Z
Tipo Artículo de revista
Enlace The Astronomical Journal, 148:6 (10pp), 2014 July
Idioma en_US
Publicador The American Astronomical Society